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Summer 2019 Newsletter


It’s never too late to join the Thornton Historical society and encourage your friends to join. We’re always excited to welcome new members! You can download the form from the Historical Society website, https://www.thorntonilhistory.com/ and either bring it to a meeting or mail it along with a check to:


P.O. Box 34, Thornton, IL 60476


We have several new members and are happy to welcome Marcia Lynn Damato, Brian Evans, Pearl Kish, Karen Klein, and new business member H&S Auto Repair.


·       PhotosfromCarolynBruggeman

·       Police Star in Leather case once belonging to Mike Dejanovich

·       Ben’s Restaurant matchbook

·       1 cent token from NC Benson’s General Store (approx. 1914)

·       1930s Thornton children’s Valentines found in the attic of the Klemstein house

·       1960s era winter dress


The museum is open from May through October, every Saturday, 1-3pm. If you are not able to make your assigned date it is your responsibility to find a replacement.


August 26: 7:00pm – General Meeting – “White City” by Ray Johnson

September 10: 9:30am – Historical Society's Round Table Meeting

September 23: 7:00pm – General Meeting “The Four Islands” by Peg Kapustiak

September 28: 10:00am – Historical Marker Dedication at Wampum Lake. Public event. ALL ARE WELCOME!

October 4: 4:00pm – Set up for Quarry Tour at St. Paul Church

October 5: 8:30am – Fall Quarry Tour meet at St. Paul Church

October 17: 6:00pm – Board Meeting – HS Board members

October 28: 7:00pm – General Meeting – “Roots of America/Musical Memories” by Steve Justman

November 8: 6:00pm – Heritage Dinner at St. Paul Church, 508 Chicago Road. Society furnishes turkey and members bring a dish to share

December 8: 2:00-4:00pm – Holiday Open House at the museum – St. Paul Singers, Santa Claus and Goodie Table


Our gift shop has many unique items for sale, including Thornton coverlets, t-shirts, Quarry booklets, DVDs and more. They make great gifts!


The Historical Society will be dedicating a State Historical Marker at Wampum Lake honoring the Indigenous Peoples who once made this area their home, as well as the Hoxie Farm, on September 28 at 10:00am.

The electric lift is in the process of being installed.

A display on the Civilian Conservation Corps that was located in Sweet Woods is in progress.

We are continuing to add new information to our Historical Society website, www.thorntonilhistory.com so please check it often! Questions, comments or photos please email thorntonilhs@gmail.com.

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