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2019 Calendar of Events

2019 Calendar of Events - Village of Thornton Historical Society

January 15 at 9:30AM:             Historical Societies’ Round Table Meeting

January 17 at 6:00PM:             Board Meeting

February 25 at 7:00PM:           General Meeting

March 25 at 7:00PM:                General Meeting - “Chicago True Stories” by Martina Mathison

April 18 at 6:00PM:                   Board Meeting

April 22 at 7:00PM:                   General Meeting – “Night at the Museum”

April 25 at 9:30AM:                   Museum Cleaning

April 26 at 9:3-AM:                    Museum Cleaning

May 4.  1 - 3PM:                         Museum open every Saturday through October

May 13 at 5:30PM:                     Annual Dinner Meeting at Glenwood Oaks

May 14 at 9:30AM:                     Historical Societies’ Round Table Meeting

May 31 at 4:00PM:                     Set up for Quarry Tour at St. Paul’s Church

June 1 at 8:30AM:                      Spring Quarry Tour

July 18 at 6:00PM:                     Board Meeting

August 26 at 7:00PM:                General Meeting  - “White City” by Ray Johnson

September 10 at 9:30AM:         Historical Societies’ Round Table Meeting

September 23 at 7:00PM:         General Meeting  - “The Four Islands” by Peg Kapustiak

October 4 at 4:00PM:                 Set up for Quarry Tour

October 5 at 8:30AM:                 Fall Quarry Tour

October 17 at 6:00PM:               Board Meeting

October 28 at 7:00PM:               General Meeting  - Steve Justman's "Roots of America”

November 8 at 6:00PM:             Heritage Dinner at St. Paul Church

December 8.  2 - 4PM:               Holiday Open House


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